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Is winter here?

Winter might not be here just yet but I wanted to feature some of my winter beauty ‘essentials’; I love it when seasons change because it means you either find an excuse to go shopping or you shop your stash at home. Both of which I enjoy. The first signs of a seasonal change are […]

Lifestyle: Chewy Almond Cherry Bars

Surprisingly this post has nothing to do with my skin. It’s just a quick recipe for an oaty cake bar with almonds and cherry which is so mourish…I’d eaten nearly 1/4 of before it even went in the oven. (I know cup measurements aren’t what we often use in the UK but this recipe is […]

Lifestyle: Going dairy free for acne

I wanted to write a little post about some dairy free options, I tried this in an attempt to combat acne but this could help anyone who wants to try out dairy free alternatives. I’ve chosen some readily avaible ones, and foods that most people like but I’m aware there are a wide range of […]

Lifestyle: The Bobble Bottle

Firstly, I’ll admit I am a filtered water kind of girl; I use Brita Filtered water for everything, even boiling so the Bobble Bottle sounded like a dream. They’ve been around for a while and I’d seen many people using them at the gym, I’d always thought they were stylish (if you could call a […]