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Skincare: The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

It’s really easy to forget about the skin that’s left behind after a bad breakout, there are endless options to treat fresh acne and spots but other than oil free moisturisers and oils – there aren’t very many post acne lotions. If you are constantly suffering with blemishes, as in you are suffering with spots […]

Beauty: Nails Inc ‘Tate’

Nails Inc ‘Tate’ is my favourite colour for this season, its a dark oxblood red with a high shine and seems to last for up to 5 days on my nails, which is amazing considering my nails usually chip after 2 days. The slanted brush makes application easy and quick and although most of the […]

Is winter here?

Winter might not be here just yet but I wanted to feature some of my winter beauty ‘essentials’; I love it when seasons change because it means you either find an excuse to go shopping or you shop your stash at home. Both of which I enjoy. The first signs of a seasonal change are […]

Skincare: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

  I am ashamed to admit that up until 8 months ago I didn’t own an eyecream, let alone use one. I can’t explain why. All you need to know is that it took a good few weeks of “my undereye concealer looks disgusting” for me to realise my poor delicate under-eye area was being […]

Skincare: SteamCream

If you don’t know what SteamCream* is then I’ll bring you up to speed. It’s moto is ‘Simple quality skincare’ and whilst the ingredients list doesn’t appear to be overly smple…it actually is. SteamCream is a moisturiser for the face, body and hands and is suitable for all skin types. It contains some really lovely […]

Beauty: Light-weight coverage for blemish prone skin

Even with blemishes, you can still opt for a lighter coverage, sometimes the thicker the makeup base, the more visible the spots become. Have you ever put too much concealer on a small blemish to then notice it looks huge? Yeah, happens to us all. So during these summer days I’ve been trying out a […]