Is winter here?


Winter might not be here just yet but I wanted to feature some of my winter beauty ‘essentials’; I love it when seasons change because it means you either find an excuse to go shopping or you shop your stash at home. Both of which I enjoy.

The first signs of a seasonal change are always seen on my hands, I get really dry hands which drives me crazy. I use hand cream all year round but when winter comes, I get try out different types so lets start with the Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Hand Balm; I was kindly given this when I started a new job and I really like it. The scent is quite fresh but a little powdery so I don’t mind using it at night, I don’t like using heavily scented creams at night because it makes me feel sick. It’s slightly thicker than my usual hand creams but it sinks it well and doesn’t leave your hands greasy. Plus its a good size for your hand bag and leaves my hands feeling smooth for a good few hours.

Next up is Coconut Oil* (this one is 100% natural raw coconut oil), I use this both on my skin, usually after a bath and also in cooking (don’t worry I’ve decanted some so its separate). I find it’s really nourishing, and super natural so I feel like my skin drinks it up. I also get crazy static and frizzy hair when its cold so it also works well on taming my hair. It contains essential fatty acids and is a natural energy source and it’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I become a germophobe in the winter so I couldn’t not include something anti-bacterial. I’ve chosen to include this Cuticura Antibacterial Handwash* in Lime & Bamboo because I love the scent but they have lots more along with anti-bac hand gels. Any soap will do but if you’re washing your hands more than usual then you’ll notice them drying out so its good to use one with natural ingredients. The lime is renowned for its naturally anti-bacterial and astringent benefits and bamboo for its soothing and calming properties to its help keep your skin smooth and soft.

Finally,the Eve Lom Kiss Mix. Dry lips can be so irritating so I like to use this under lipstick as a moisturising base, on its own for a softening pearlised sheen, or over lip-colour for a longer lasting shine. It helps to defend against chapping, but if you lips are already at that stage it will sooth and repair. It contains Menthol, to cool and freshen and Beeswax to seal in moisture for longer hydration which I think makes a nice change from something like a cocoa butter lip balm. It’s also ideal for extreme weather and daily use so if you like slathering on the lip balm, its ok.

What are your winter beauty essentials?


* Gifted


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