Skincare: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

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I am ashamed to admit that up until 8 months ago I didn’t own an eyecream, let alone use one. I can’t explain why.

All you need to know is that it took a good few weeks of “my undereye concealer looks disgusting” for me to realise my poor delicate under-eye area was being deprived of its needs. Aside from the anti-ageing spectrum of eyecreams, there are others that target dehrydration, pigmentation and of course fine lines. I wasn’t in any state to be picky so I used a rather cheap but cheerful Botanics one.

Now once you’ve entered the world of eyecreams, there is no going back. There are hundreds on offer but honestly, I think some products can be hit or miss; it just takes time for you to find one that you think doesn’t have to work…you just have to think it does. Right?

Said eyecream was nice, light and absorbed well but I wanted more. So I swiftly moved on to the Trilogy Eye Countour Cream*. I absolutely love this stuff, it smooths fine lines (some of which I’m sure are just from my pillow whilst I sleep, I can’t be ageing yet can I?) and it reduces puffiness. Its made from Trilogy’s unique ingredient Rosapene, which combined with Rosehip and Tomato creates the perfect consistency. It’s a silky gel like cream which absorbs quickly if applied sparingly. I read that a common mistake people make when applying powerful anti-ageing eyecreams is applying too much, just a small pea sized amount is needed and you’ll still see results.

The Aloe Vera cools the skin, whilst Carrot oil promotes repair so it works well both in the morning and evening. Like with all eyecreams, the technique is simple; gently pat from the outer eye towards the nose using your ring finger so that you aren’t rubbing your skin too much. Applying eyecream is probably my favourite step in my whole skincare regime now, its quick and effective!

I really love Trilogy as a brand, their ethos is clear and natural and I’m looking forward to trying some more of their products. You can find the eyecream here.

Have you tried any products from Trilogy?

*PR sample


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