Beauty: Light-weight coverage for blemish prone skin

Lightbase 2

Even with blemishes, you can still opt for a lighter coverage, sometimes the thicker the makeup base, the more visible the spots become. Have you ever put too much concealer on a small blemish to then notice it looks huge? Yeah, happens to us all. So during these summer days I’ve been trying out a much lighter base that still offers coverage.

Lightbase 3

Firstly I use the Origins VitaZing Moisturiser which is a great multi tasker, it can be worn under makeup to add radiance to your complexion or alone where it evens out your skin tone whilst offering a very slight coverage. The sheer tint release is a really great concept, the product contains small tint pigments which are released as the product is worked into the skin. It also contains SPF 15. It does appear slightly orange-y on application but that settles down quickly and although it evens out my skin tone, redness is still quite noticeable.

Lightbase 6

On top of that, to tackle redness, pigmentation and blemishes, I use what looks like the most inconspicuous product ever, the Collection ‘Lasting Perfection’ Concealer, of which I wrote a more in-depth review of here. Can you tell its well-loved? Not to mention cheap. Probably one of the best concealers for blemishes I’ve tried, the consistency is thick but creamy so offers great coverage and is easy to work with. It’s a little too heavy for under my eyes and can be quite drying but it re-applies really well over the sheer tint moisturiser.

Lightbase 7

Once i’ve identified the areas that need concealer, which to be honest is quite a lot….the VitaZing doesn’t cover THAT much, I use the Real Techniques ‘contour brush’ to gently buff the concealer in. In my eyes, these brushes can do no wrong…even if I am using it as a concealer brush and not for its intended use; if it works for you then roll with it. I love this brush for concealing larger areas when I’m not wearing foundation, so for example my chin and the tops of my cheeks. Its very light and fluffy meaning that I can get an almost seamless base.

As for longevity, you may start to look quite oily as the day goes on and because I’m basically using the sheer tint as a glorified bb cream (nothing wrong with that) the moisturiser can start to slip a little. I’d suggest a light translucent powder over the top to keep the concealer in place.

I’m aware that some of us suffering with blemishes can’t stand the idea of a ‘sheer’ product, but I am a firm believer in enhancing the areas of your skin that you are confident showing; so I find this routine really great for making me feel like I can go ‘bare-faced’ when really that scares me slightly…the ‘no makeup’ makeup is a THING.

Do you have a routine this? Let me know!



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