Monthly Archives: August 2013

Skincare: SteamCream

If you don’t know what SteamCream* is then I’ll bring you up to speed. It’s moto is ‘Simple quality skincare’ and whilst the ingredients list doesn’t appear to be overly smple…it actually is. SteamCream is a moisturiser for the face, body and hands and is suitable for all skin types. It contains some really lovely […]

Beauty: Light-weight coverage for blemish prone skin

Even with blemishes, you can still opt for a lighter coverage, sometimes the thicker the makeup base, the more visible the spots become. Have you ever put too much concealer on a small blemish to then notice it looks huge? Yeah, happens to us all. So during these summer days I’ve been trying out a […]

Skincare: Mia Flora Moroccan Argan Oil

I was very kindly given this Moroccan Argan Oil at the Pegasus PR Beauty Summer Showcase back in June, and I’ve been loving it. If you haven’t yet caught onto the Moroccan Argan Oil craze, where have you been? It’s a cult product which can be used on your skin and hair and is so […]