Skincare: Piz Buin Radiant Face Cream SPF15

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This Piz Buin Radiant Face Cream has been a bit of a god send for me recently, in the UK we’ve had a heatwave which has been lovely but it’s meant that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the sun, and for days where I don’t wear makeup I’ve needed a good facial SPF.

There’s a bit of a myth when it comes to blemish-prone skin and the sun, admittedly my skin does clear up when it’s exposed to the sun (usually on holidays) but it also causes premature ageing and pigmentation. So here we welcome SPF.

This suncream has advanced UVA and UVB filters to help protect the delicate face and neck area; it’s also enriched with a strong antioxidant which sets it apart from your regular facial SPF’s. It has a powerful mineral complex with active hydrators to help revitalise your skin and prevent it from drying out in the sun. Like most SPF’s now, its water and sweat resistant but at a relatively low 15 I would recommend reapplying several times throughout the day; it’s also non comedogenic so it won’t block your pores and it’s available in SPF30 and 50.

I found the consistency really easy to work with, its light and easy to apply and doesn’t leave a visible residue. The scent is just like any other Piz Buin product so you know what to expect, I personally really love the scent. After using it several times I did start to notice my skin looked ‘radiant’…not to be confused with sweaty; not quite a shimmer but there is definitely something in there that adds a little something to your complexion.

In terms of how it worked on blemish-prone skin, I haven’t quite decided yet. It most definitely didn’t break me out as such, but I have been suffering with tiny blemishes across my nose and cheeks but I’m putting that down to sweat (does any body else get this) and the time of the month.

I bought this SPF from boots on a ‘buy one get one free’ deal which is still available at the moment – here.
But alone is costs £9.18.

I’m on the look out for other facial SPF’s to compare, so please leave a comment if you know of any others worth trying.
Thanks for reading!



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