Beauty: Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer

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Primers, to me, are a bit of a vague subject. Some people consider them makeup saviours and some say they are just a pointless step in your routine.

Now I’ve only tried the Benefit Porefessional and the Clinique Pore Refining Primer, so I’m no expert on this product but neither of those wowed me..and to be honest they kind of fitted in with the silicone greasy stereotype of a typical primer.
But since my skin is oily and sometimes combination, my foundation doesn’t always apply seamlessly and in some cases it just never looks right, nor does it last. So I wanted to give a well-known brand a try, I’m pretty sure Smashbox bring it with their ‘legendary’ primers.

After using up a very generous sample of the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer from a magazine, I waited until it got a little warmer and took the plunge. You may look at the photos and wonder why I say that, but this miniature travel sized one is £12.50; making the full-sized £25.

The primer itself is one of their bestsellers, which is always a winner to a newbie like me. Just like any other primer is creates a perfect canvas for foundation application; although it’s still silky, the product is lightweight and contains vitamins A and E. It can be worn alone or under foundation to reduce fine lines and pores to give a visibly smooth finish.

Although it does have a velvety feel, I found that texture quickly disappeared upon application, something I didn’t experience with the others; it also felt like it dried quite quickly meaning it didn’t slip once foundation was applied. Although its oil free, I’m still apprehensive about applying to my entire face, instead I use it on my t-zone where I have visible pores and found that in most cases my foundation did look better.

I wasn’t overwhelmed with the results if I’m honest, its more of subtle effect which I’m sure you’d notice if you compared your skin with and without the primer. But it’s not claiming to get rid of pores, so you can’t expect it to work wonders. And for this reason I have been using it on special occasions, or when my skin needs a bit of a prep before makeup and also on days where I need my foundation to last…like right now (the weather in England is really good at the moment).

Although this travel sized product looks tiny, you only need a pea-sized amount so I imagine it’ll last longer than you’d expect. It also hasn’t broken me out and doesn’t feel like its clogging my pores, I always wonder how these types of products manage to just sit on top of your skin without blocking it? Either way I like it, and I think it’ll definitely give you a little more confidence if you suffer with an un-even skin surface or large pores.

Have you tried any of the Smashbox Primers?



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