Beauty: #2 Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer

IMG_3903 IMG_3904 IMG_3905

I’d class this Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer as a multi-tasker, for me it was one of those products that didn’t suit its original purpose but one that I’ve made work for another; you can’t let £15 go to waste now can you?

I bought this concealer originally for blemishes, I hadn’t researched it so I went along to a Clinique counter acting as the perfect customer…clueless and easily influenced. This product claims to minimize the look of lines and wrinkles (something I wasn’t really on the look out for), and brightens the immediete eye area; not the usual words you associate with blemish hiding. However the lightweight formula gives moderate to full coverage and is designed to hide shadows, camouflage redness and scars. Hooray, just what I needed.

I was matched to 02 light and left the shop feeling excited to try it out at home. Although the application is great, I love a doe-foot applicator and the consistency is lovely and creamy. After a while I found the shade far too light for my blemishes, at the time I was suffering with them here there and everywhere so I was essentially brightening up all of those areas –  areas which I wanted to camouflage and hide.

Its not a nice feeling admitting defeat, I was under the influence of bright department store lights and expensive looking packaging at the time of purchase and so was left with a rather expensive, lovely product that wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. Instead I took to the under-eye area and this product worked its wonders.

The light peachy tone covers dark shadowy areas which helps brighten your complexion; this concealer would also work for subtly highlighting other areas of your face. I find that I need to use a good eye cream or moisturiser because like any concealer, it can crease a little under the eye. A dusting of powder also helps keep the product in place throughout the day.

Please don’t let the price tag put you off, there is plenty of product in there to last you a life time…or at least 6 months.

Do you have a multi-tasking product like this?



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