Beauty: Concealer #1 Clarins ‘Concealer Stick’



I’ve wanted to feature a concealer edit for a while now; having suffered with ‘imperfections’ for a long time I’ve tried a range of concealers; I’ll admit mostly high-end. This series will include three different concealers, two dominate the higher price range and one is an affordable high-street product but it’s just as good.

The Clarins ‘Concealer Stick’ claims to instantly cover dark circles and imperfections whilst offering a natural-looking coverage, the term natural is one that I favour in terms of ‘covering’ and although the product may be great I firmly believe that a good colour match should result in a natural finish…or as natural as concealer can be.

The softly textured formula contains ultra-fine pearl pigments that boost the reflection of light to help minimise shadowy areas and blemishes, whilst I’m not sure my skin looks bright and reflective after using this, the imperfections are definitely blurred. The texture is creamy and easy to work with if your skin is well prepped, I find it works better with a dewy soft foundation as opposed to a matte foundation just because its easy to blend and looks more natural if the skin is moisturized.

Although its slightly pricey at £19 the stick seems to last forever, I rarely use it straight from the stick for fear of spreading germs across my face, but I find it releases just the right amount of product.
I have the shade 03 which is the middle shade, and whilst it’s a great concealer..for the price I would expect a slightly bigger shade range seeing as it can work for dark circles and blemishes.

One last thing to note is that if you were thinking about buying this, I’d approach a Clarins counter with your usual everyday foundation minus concealer so that you can find the right shade for you. There’s nothing worse that getting the wrong shade and spending what seems like hours blending it.
‘I will make this work’ is something I say way too often..must take my own advice.

Have you tried this? Or any other Clarins concealer?



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