Hermes Eau Des Merveilles: Summer Perfume

Hermes 1 Hermes 2 IMG_3857

I realise its very difficult to get a feel for a perfume without physically smelling it so I’m going to do my best at describing it..without saying  “it just smells really lovely”.

I typically like sweet perfumes, but I’m a bit of a flirt with perfumes so I own a variety and go through phases. I think this can be, for some people, a good way of taking yourself from day to-night and having options for the seasons.

The Hermes Eau des Merveilles, to me is a sophisticated luxurious scent, its expensive but not flashy and its unique enough to be a powerful scent but not overwhelming. The scent is predominately a woody-amber fragrance but it does have some floral notes which kind of oppose the warmer woody smell; it has a sweet citrusy freshness to it at first but the scent develops into a sweet tobacco like scent and I find the smell really addictive (does this happen to other people?)

I find this perfume is suited more for spring/summer than winter, but its a rich and warm fragrance so I wouldn’t be opposed to spritzing it during the colder months. Although at first its a citrusy scent, it isn’t particularly ‘fresh’ so I wouldn’t class it as an easy day-time perfume; at times it smells slightly masculine which is nice change from some sickly sweet perfumes I own. It feels much better suited to an early evening or night-time where I find it develops and smells better once its had time on the skin; this also means it doesn’t need a top up during the night…I’m not one for re-applying anything if I can help it.

Without over describing it, I find I reach for this scent if I’m wearing something that makes me feel confident or if I’m going somewhere relatively smart and I find it instantly pulls my mood together. Its also a pretty unusual scent which in turn usually results in it being a ‘you’ smell when people describe it – I love it when I smell perfumes that remind me of people. I’m also not one for heavy scents but I find this has a nice balance.

Does anyone else like Hermes perfumes? Leave a comment if you have any perfume recommendations.



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