Style: Whistles Shooter Ankle Boots





I know it’s not the right time of year to be channelling the black boot trend but its a rather cold ‘spring’ in the UK, and as we move into the warmer seasons winter stock is reduced, which means now is the time to buy boots for next year!

I bought these shooter boots for £45…yes you read that right, and by the looks of things most Whistle boots are £150; I bought these in an outlet store but they’re £80 here.

They’re a pretty simple design, much like a chelsea boot but a little smarter and they have a slight heel which gives me some height. I’ve tried these with tights and they do make my ankles look weirdly small but with jeans they look really nice. They have a small point which again makes them instantly smarten up an outfit; they’ll take you from day to night. I actually love staple pieces that work both during the day and evening. And they’re pretty timeless so although I managed to get them dirt cheap…they’re real leather and something I’ll wear year after year so I’d definitely consider paying more if I had to.

Have you bought any thing from Whistles recently? I love everything they sell!




  1. Lovely…they were sold out instore when I tried to get them earlier this year. Where is the outlet store you got these from? They are sold out everywhere else!

    1. Clarks Village in Street, they had quite a few so you could call them? Where else have you looked? I couldn’t find them online, only the link I posted. Hope you you manage to get a pair! x

      1. Thanks! I’ll give them a try

  2. Thanks for the tip, I just bought some at the Clarks village outlet and they are just like new but classified as seconds. Love them!

    1. No problem, I’m glad it was helpful. I love them too!

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