Skincare: Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

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I bought the Origins’Zero Oil’ Deep Pore Cleanser along with the Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask:post here which proved to be a bit of a splurge but one I felt was justified…I was going through a stage where I felt I needed to shake up my routine which happens every so often. At the time I was suffering with what I’d consider quite a bad breakout that didn’t budge and so was on the look out for some serious deep cleansing products. Although an impulse buy, I had read several blog posts on this cleanser and was convinced it would sort out my troubled skin.

The deep pore cleanser (which is similar to the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash: post here) contains saw palmetto and mint which results in a rather strong-smelling product, but the smell is fresh and light which is perfect for a morning pick me up. It’s deemed ‘maximum strength’ which on reflection probably wasn’t best suited for my overly sensitive skin, but it gently foams to a soft consistency when mixed with water. It’s formulated with saw palmetto which is a skin clearing ingredient, cooling mint and the wonderful pore minimizing salicylic acid. As the name suggests it helps clear pores, eliminate excess oils and reduce shine; it also openly states to leave skin feeling tingly clean and refreshed which I’m glad to see because I was slightly alarmed at the unexpected tingly feeling I was left with.

As much as it might do all of these things, I was quite dissapointed..mostly in myself for letting the hype draw me in and not considering the needs of my skin. I found this cleanser did exactly what it claims to do, it definitely preformed a deep cleanse (although not suitable for removing makeup), reduced oil, cooled and left my skin feeling tingly but it was a little too harsh for me…must have missed the ‘maximum strength’ part. I did give it a good run however and am still left with a lot of product.

I haven’t written this off just yet though, since using Dalacin T Lotion (post here) my breakouts have cleared but i’m left with an ever oily face so as I come to the end of my prescription I’d like to start using this cleanser again. I’ll also probably reach for this in the summer months where my skin gets even oilier…if thats possible, and where shine will definitely need to be reduced to prevent me looking like a greasy gyal.

Regardless of my experience I’d still reccomend this to somebody suffering with oily skin, who is prone to occasional breakouts, just not for those with sensitive skin and prone to red-ness because it might just send your skin over the edge. It is however formualted without parabens, phalphates and mineral oil so don’t let my over use of the phrase ‘maximum strength’ put you off.

Have you tried this? Or know of any other oil reducing cleansers?

Thanks for reading!


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