Style: Dying Jeans




If you find shopping for jeans hellish..I mean really horrendous then hopefully this post might help!
Being 5ft 1 I really struggle to find jeans that fit me, petite are often too ankle grazer-ish and standard lengths leave me with bunched up knees and the longest zipper ever. Topshop have always been pretty spot on with sizes, but the dye seems to just run away as soon as they’re washed so I quickly stopped buying those.

Welcome to the world of dying, I know dying clothes different colours is usually done to re-vamp old clothes or because you have visions of that dress looking so much better in black than pink. But dying jeans works the same. I’ll quickly make it clear that if my jeans had faded, lost their shape and seams had split etc then I will usually repurchase them but more often than not that style has long gone and I have to start the hunt all over again.

I’m not too adventurous when dying, I have only ever dyed two pairs of black; they instantly felt like a new pair. With just one packet of Dylon Wash & Dye and a quick rinse in the washing machine they reappear looking jet black..which is exactly what I want.  The process is quick and effortless and the newly dyed jeans don’t transfer on your hands or clothing so once dry they are ready to wear. It’s advised that after the dyeing process you let your washing machine run a short empty cycle to clean out the cylinder but I usually just put a dark wash in straight after.


The photo’s here show the results of a recent dying, I have had a nightmare trying to find the Dr Denim Kissy jeans, I’ve bought two new pairs that claim to be identical to my 2009 purchase (pictured) but which actually are totally different…doesn’t that just drive you crazy? And so after several online purchases and returns I gave up, took my own advice and dyed my old jeans. These are my favourite jeans by far except they’ve lost their colour, que an impulse dying session.
There are several types of Dylon dyes some are handwash only, some require a shed load of salt but this one is pretty simple and cheap. I use one 400g pack to dye 1 pair of jeans, shades will vary depending on the size of the garment i.e 500g will dye to the full shade and 1kg will dye a lighter shade.


  • Empty wash&dye powder into washing machine drum and add dry garment
  • Immediately run a 40oc cotton cycle without pre-wash or economy settings
  • Once cycle is finished add normal detergent and run another 40oc cotton cycle to remove excess dye from the fabric and the machine.
  • Dry fabric as normal, away from sunlight and heat

Helpful Hints:
Dying may not cover stained areas or bleach marks
Use this pack in front loading automatic washing machines only
After dying, wash item separately for the first few washes
I’d advise you run another empty cycle after dying, or a similar colour wash
Polyester stitching will not dye (as seen in photo’s)

The results are visible and I believe the dye will hold for as long as it would on a new pair of jeans (don’t use Topshop as a reference though). The colour is even and full but if your jeans have a ‘washed’ effect or any other variation in colour then that probably won’t be the same after using this dye; the blue jean dyes are really just a flat blue colour but that’s the effect I wanted, and I’m sure once worn a few times they’ll start to wear and start looking more like denim.
I hope this helps you out if you were thinking of dying clothes and I’d recommend it if you are reaaallly fussy/find sizing really difficult because staple items can be difficult to replace.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve dyed jeans or other clothes before. I think this is my new obsession and definitely one for fussy buyers like myself!



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