Beauty: Tanning blemish-prone skin

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Living in the UK means excepting grey skies and chilly summers so the chance of getting a good whole body tan is very minimal but that doesn’t mean I like to settle for pasty skin (not that there’s anything wrong with pale skin) but personally without a little tan and makeup I always get told I look ill. Que the bronzer overload…

Too much foundation and bronzer is never going make me look good, nor is trying a foundation that is way too dark for my face and saying ‘I’ll blend it down my neck’…it never works! Try that with blemish-prone skin and you have a problem, although we feel better with that extra bit of coverage, slapping it on usually makes the blemishes more noticeable so when I have the time I tan my face and that usually makes me feel more comfortable wearing less foundation.

Most blemish-prone skin is prone to redness which I always finds makes me think my skin is much worse than it is, so anything that tones down the redness is worth a try. A little sun-kissed glow always makes your skin look healthier and radiant and although tanning products never re-create the natural holiday look they usually even out the skin tone resulting in your breakouts being less noticeable. I’ll just note that I wouldn’t use a tanner on active blemishes, ones that are particularly large or at the purging stage, probably best to wait for them to calm down (so maybe 2-3 days) although the Garnier Ambre Solaire ‘No Streaks Dry Face Mist Bronzer’ is very lightweight so may not be a problem for some people.

It has an ultra fine mist which dries instantly to give a streak free, natural looking tan. It’s enriched with natural apricot extract and active moisturising ingredients to leave skin feeling moisturised, supple and radiant but sadly still smelling like a digestive biscuit. I apply this to a clean face, making sure all of my hair is tied back and spray it constantly 30cm away from my face. I’ll then use a cotton bud to wipe away excess sitting on my brows and hair-line. It dries within a minute and the tan develops in 3 hours. I use this twice a month but probably more in the summer and I’d say it lasts for about 3-4 days depending on how strictly you cleanse and exfoliate. It’s never broken me out unlike other liquid face tanners which may be because (and I’m not an expert) it’s a dry mist which doesn’t appear to clog my pores and cause breakouts.

If you suffer with redness or breakouts then I’d recommend trying out a face tanner, it doesn’t have to be an orange streaky mess like you imagine and you don’t have to religiously tan yourself up every sunday, it’ll just add healthy glow to your skin and its super cheap at £5.66

Have you tried other face tanners like this?



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