Beauty: Barry M Textured Nail Paint

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Considering I always have my nails painted, I’ve never tried any of the textured nail polishes..probably because I was half wanting to try the Ciate Cavier nails and half because I stick to shades I know and love.

My mum picked up this Barry M textured nail paint in 304 ‘Kingsland Road’ because she liked the colour, blissfully unaware that it wasn’t a lovely glossy pink shade; instead its a baby pink shade that’s fully matte and full of grainy bits. The concept is relatively the same as the caviar manicure’s except this is combined in one bottle and is probably less faff!

Like most Barry M nail paints you are advised to apply a base coat but I always find the nail varnish goes a bit scaley if I use one so I didn’t bother with this. One coat looks subtle and the grain effect is visible but two coats leaves an opaque finish. The polish sets like no other.. quick and polished; the grain settles into the polish when dry so you don’t find yourself trying to pick excess bits off and the texture adds a different dimension to my nails. It stayed chip free for 4-5 days without a topcoat (something I always use) so its long wearing and I was really surprised at how much I loved the colour.

The pastel pink colour brightens up my usually black or grey wardrobe and makes my hands look a little more tanned. It also comes in a blue, turquoise and yellow so they’re suitable spring time colours but I’d like to see some darker shades for autumn/winter because I think they’d replace the glitter trends that I find hard to wear on every nail.

Are there any other textured nail varnishes from other brands worth trying?



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