Skincare: Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash

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Firstly, I’d just like to say that I really love Dermalogica as a brand and the products it has on offer for different skin types, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it cured my acne but it did make a noticeable difference and although it’s rather pricey compared to other brands, it’s totally worth it.

As I’ve talked about before, I used the mediBac Clearing adult acne starter kit and went on to re-purchase my favourite products from the range. At £35 it is in no way an impulse buy, do your research and try out samples before you think about parting with your cash for this bad boy, having said that you get 250ml of product so it’s a generous amount compared to other cleansing washes; skin mapping and facials from Dermalogica are also avaible in beauty salons and spas.

The Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash is a foaming cleanser which helps clear oils and breakout-causing bacteria, with antiseptic extracts that help stimulate natural exfoliation so its targeted primarily at acne-prone skin. It helps to clear clogged follicles which can often cause painful breakouts as well as cooling inflammation so your skin is visably soothed. It contains a synergistic anti-acne combination of licorice, milk thistle, lemon  and bergamont botanicals (which you kind of smell), tea tree and eucalyptus which all help elminate the bacteria that causes acne.

I tend to use this in the mornings because it gives a thorough cleanse and also does a good job of waking up your skin; it works its magic on those brewing blemishes and seems to stop them in their tracks (usually decreasing its ‘spot’ life or reducing redness and inflammation) so it sets up your skin well for the day ahead. Like other acne targeted treatments it contains salicylic acid which if you don’t me repeating things…dries out your skin, so excessive use like morning and night every week will probably make your skin a little ‘scaley’ but that’s nothing a good moisturiser can’t sort out. The scent is, as expected medicinal but fresh so its a definite pick me up when you’re trying to drag out your shower time, I’ve noticed it also leaves my skin feeling tight but in a lifted and perk sense, not sensitive so my pores look reduced which is something I’m constantly tackling.

I did use this every morning, both from the starter kit and the full size, but after being prescribed Dalacin T Lotion I started using gentle cleansers (products explained here) to help calm my skin, I have however started using this again maybe once or twice a week. In a strange but satisfying way, I miss the tingle of acne treatments and I know this works when when I need to fight the breakouts.

Have you tried this? Or have any recommendations for other Dermalogica products? I want to try a moisturiser next.



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