Style: Pull & Bear Neon Jumper

IMG_3317 IMG_3328 IMG_3309 IMG_3308

Whats that? I’m raving about colourful clothes? Despite my family constantly calling me Morticia from the Addams family, I do like some colours, almost always paired with black. I love the neon trend but I don’t really follow trends because I’m so fussy and I just like what I like but it’s nice to see some minimal brightly coloured clothes coming into shops.

This jumper from Pull & Bear was a bit of impulse buy, but a fairly cheap one and because it’s been really cold recently in the UK I felt like I ‘needed’ a new jumper. There were loads of different coloured jumpers but most of them were this kind of shape, more like a sweatshirt than a jumper. This lime green one was has a textured thread running throughout with specks of white so it’s not as bright as it looks on the website; it’s also longer at the back which makes the shape really flattering and the chiffon detail at the bottom corners just adds a nice little touch. I bought it in a size small but I think X small would have been ok, its a bit of a boxy shape but falls really nicely at the bottom and hits just below my hips so it’s a really nice jumper to wear with skinny jeans or leggings.

Despite it being only £22.99, it’s quite a thick jumper and its more structured than slouchy so it’s sits nicely between casual/smart depending on how you wear it. I really love Pull & Bear, just a shame there isn’t one in Bristol.

Anyone else love this shop?



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