Skincare: Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask

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I was very kindly invited to a Manuka Doctor event last week and was given a lovely selection of products to try out. The brand specialises in bee venom skincare and offers four different lines, apiclear for blemish prone skin, apirevive, apiwellness, apitarget and apinourish.

From the range of products I was unexpectedly eager to try the apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask*, which is a deep penetrating skin renewal treatment – perfect for dehydrated, damaged or scarred skin. A while ago I would have never considered my skin to be de-hydrated…I was blissfully unaware that oily skin can be dehydrated and I almost always steer clear of products that hydrate the skin because they tend to be heavier and full of oils. A mistake I’m sure lots of people make is that oil is not an enemy for oily and blemish prone skin; in fact it can often help your skins over all appearance.

The oils in this face mask are all natural oils like rosehip and seed oil…and the consistency was far from oily. It applied very smoothly and light and the 15 minutes or so that it was on my face were really lovely. My skin didn’t feel tight or cool which it can often do if I use deep cleansing masks, so once removed I wasn’t a red and blotchy mess (this is down to the removal of the mask – by using upwards sweeping motions the product is swept up your skin rather than rubbed and pulled). I especially liked this product because I had been travelling around london, shopping and what not for two days which left my skin feeling really dirty and in need of a good clean out; I also use anti-blemish products which can dry out the skin so a mask like this every week will help calm your skin and give it all the nourishment it needs. Since using the mask my skin has felt really smooth and hydrated and it hasn’t broken me out which was my biggest worry.

Without sounding like a face mask expert, this is one of the nicest face masks I’ve ever used…instead of a preventing treatment I like to think of it as ‘treat’ for my skin (for days where its relatively clear) and when I have time to have a good ole pamper session. In terms of the api-nourish range, the talks from Manuka Doctor and some of the Korean doctors that have been working with bee venom for a very long time encouraged me to start thinking about using anti-wrinke and nourishing treatments, by 25 (I’m 22) everyone should be using these types of products if you want to prevent those wrinkles so products from this line could be worth a try. They are packed full of purified bee venom and UMF Manuka Honey (usually in the nourishing products), and the whole range is free from parabens and SLS and they also smell lovely! I feel as though I am forever frowning, so I’m anticipating some lovely frown lines on my forehead and the thought of this makes me want to start using anti-wrinkle creams now!

Manuka Doctor is also available at Superdrug and check them out on twitter – #MdrBUZZ

Anyone else suffer with oily skin and have some other nourishing/hyradating recommendations?




  1. This is a great post – but one thing to note is that just because a product is free from parabens and SLS DOES NOT make it “totally natural” in fact, it could have many other chemicals and ingredients in it. I have this mask also and I was at the event you speak of. I am not bashing the product or your post but I do feel its misleading to say its “totally natural”.
    Thanks and I hope I have not offended.

    1. Thanks, I realise now it’s not accurate and is a bit of a sweeping statement. I’ve just been reading your tweets about my post, I’ll change it when I get a chance as its obviously misleading

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