Beauty: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation




I know the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation has been raved about by lots of popular bloggers, and that is largely why I ended up trying it. But I hadn’t seen any reviews of it that specifically talked about how it worked on acne, so whats a girl to do…
Previous to reading blogs, I’d never really tried samples of foundations, I usually got matched and off I went. But getting samples of face products is essential, you can read reams and reams about how a foundation works for someone but you’ll never know what it’s like you on; and so I try to persuade you to buy it because it works for me, well not really but it is the BEST foundation I have ever tried.

I chose a particularly bad skin day to get matched for this foundation, I mean really bad. My skin was blotchy, irritated and I had quite a few blemishes so when the lady at the counter asked me if I wanted it applied all over my face..I screamed inside. I know artificial lights in department stores aren’t the most flattering but I couldn’t wait for her to apply it. She was really patient with me, tried out 3 different shades which all matched relatively well and then asked me which I preferred, que the “I don’t know, what do you think?”…it’s my face why was I asking her so much? Anyway, its nice to get a second opinion and in the end I went for the yellowy toned crème ivory.

Now because I hadn’t been to the doctors yet and been introduced to my savour (Dalacin T) I didn’t want to fork out £33 for the foundation to then be advised by the doctor to embrace a fresh face. I asked for a sample and was given a very generous amount.

My first impressions were a bit disappointing, I couldn’t get used to the strange paint-like smell of the foundation and the consistency but I was so happy with colour match that I gave it time and I subsequently went back to Harvey Nichols and bought the foundation. I’ve read some similar stories about finding it hard to work with and then suddenly loving it so it might just take time. The foundation itself is a medium to full coverage, expensive..but you need the smallest amount. Its consistency is much like a thick cream, a bit clay like but once warmed up on the skin and blended it sits really well. It covers nearly all of my redness and blemishes which require just a small amount of concealer and its finish is more of a satin finish than dewy. Its longevity is amazing, it doesn’t slip (even on oily skin) at all so there’s no need for touch ups; it also doesn’t have SPF so it’s really great for nights out when you might get photographed. It hasn’t broken me out at all, but I do reserve it for days where I need more coverage or a longer wear time; I  do notice that the product sinks into the pores on my nose and cheeks so that can be quite noticeable but I’m sure a primer will stop this from happening.

I really can’t recommend this enough if you are looking for a fuller coverage foundation…its not a light one that’s for sure, or if you are looking for something to cover blemishes and not look like a cake-face. I probably love it so much because it matches my skin tone so well, so sometimes it pays to get a good match (they have a large range of shades to suit almost every skin colour).

Are there any other foundations that rival this one?




  1. I liked this for the same reason 🙂 it’s full coverage. You may like Estée Lauder double wear. When you went to the docs about your skin, did they help you right away? I want to go about mine!

    1. Yeah I can’t believe I haven’t tried it, the LM girl did compare it to that foundation. I’ve been to the doctors a couple of times about my skin, but only ever changed the pill I was on so the last time I went I was prescribed the Dalacin T and its the best thing! Definitely go to the doctors, they should prescribe you something thats right for your skin. Hope you find something that helps 🙂 xx

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