Monthly Archives: March 2013

Beauty: Tanning blemish-prone skin

Living in the UK means excepting grey skies and chilly summers so the chance of getting a good whole body tan is very minimal but that doesn’t mean I like to settle for pasty skin (not that there’s anything wrong with pale skin) but personally without a little tan and makeup I always get told […]

Beauty: Barry M Textured Nail Paint

Considering I always have my nails painted, I’ve never tried any of the textured nail polishes..probably because I was half wanting to try the Ciate Cavier nails and half because I stick to shades I know and love. My mum picked up this Barry M textured nail paint in 304 ‘Kingsland Road’ because she liked […]

Lifestyle: Chewy Almond Cherry Bars

Surprisingly this post has nothing to do with my skin. It’s just a quick recipe for an oaty cake bar with almonds and cherry which is so mourish…I’d eaten nearly 1/4 of before it even went in the oven. (I know cup measurements aren’t what we often use in the UK but this recipe is […]

Skincare: Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash

Firstly, I’d just like to say that I really love Dermalogica as a brand and the products it has on offer for different skin types, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it cured my acne but it did make a noticeable difference and although it’s rather pricey compared to other brands, it’s totally worth […]

Style: Pull & Bear Neon Jumper

Whats that? I’m raving about colourful clothes? Despite my family constantly calling me Morticia from the Addams family, I do like some colours, almost always paired with black. I love the neon trend but I don’t really follow trends because I’m so fussy and I just like what I like but it’s nice to see […]

Skincare: Manuka Doctor Rejuvenating Face Mask

I was very kindly invited to a Manuka Doctor event last week and was given a lovely selection of products to try out. The brand specialises in bee venom skincare and offers four different lines, apiclear for blemish prone skin, apirevive, apiwellness, apitarget and apinourish. From the range of products I was unexpectedly eager to […]