Beauty: Dr Jart Waterfuse BB

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I’ve been eyeing up this BB cream for a while now…I think it become a bit of hype product because I kept reading really good things about it but…BB creams weren’t my thing. Having spoken about my skin type a lot (anyone getting bored yet? haha) I’m always a bit reluctant to try things when my skin is temperamental which is probably more often than not so I made a mental note that I had to delve into the BB cream world at some point.

I am usually a fuller coverage kind of gyal, this is usually so that I can have a 1 product does all..(I do use concealer but I try not to over-use it because I find it makes my imperfections look worse sometimes). Anywaaaay I’d been having a relatively good skin week when I bought this so was able to try out a product that offers less coverage.

BB creams are best from the Asian market, so I felt like I was in good hands with Dr Jart. The Waterfuse Beauty Balm claims to offer natural looking  coverage, evens skin tone and minimises the appearance of imperfections; it also has SPF 25 so its acts like a moisturiser and foundation in one. It has advanced water bead technology (whatever that is) that helps hydrate and maintain a healthy glow..which could sometimes be mistaken for sweat (need be careful if you have oily skin). It contains aloe leaf juice which slows the loss of water from the skin, so dehyrdated skin will love this and portulaca oleracea extract (again, I have no idea what this is) which soothes and calms the skin meaning any redness disappears.

My first impressions were good, the consistency is really easy to work with and its blends seamlessly. The high water content is also noticeable when blending so it feels really light on the skin, I especially like this type of base because I didn’t need to spend time blending the product down my neck which I usually have to do; this means the colour must adapt really well to different skin tones, although it appears slightly grey when swatched it made my skin much more luminous. In terms of coverage I wasn’t blown away considering it claims to eliminate blemishes and give a flawless finish (like when does this ever happen and still look natural?), it definitely reduced redness but any flesh toned product would do this to a certain extent. However, one thing I have learnt whilst wasting my weekends watching makeup videos on YouTube is that you should work with what you’ve got, so the clearer areas of your skin should be allowed to shine. By this I mean that my skin still looked natural after using the bb cream and my freckles and pigmentation were still visible but the overall skin tone was evened out and so I was able to conceal the area’s where I needed more coverage.

I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a lighter coverage foundation, it’s so easy to apply that its fail proof (you won’t get the horrendous foundation line around your jaw even if you do apply it in the dark), but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking to improve the appearance of your skin’s texture, so if you suffer with raised blemishes that tend to scab over then this won’t do much. It’s also VERY dewy so if you are an oil slick like myself, powder is almost necessary and it also lengthened the wear of the foundation. Definitely a good-skin day type base for me but a buildable one if you want more coverage.

I’m off to test its wear at the gym!

Has anyone else suffering with breakouts tried this?



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