Lifestyle: Going dairy free for acne

I wanted to write a little post about some dairy free options, I tried this in an attempt to combat acne but this could help anyone who wants to try out dairy free alternatives. I’ve chosen some readily avaible ones, and foods that most people like but I’m aware there are a wide range of dairy free alternatives outside of supermarkets.

At the same time that I was prescribed the Dalacin T lotion (review here), I bombarded the doctor with questions about my diet and lifestyle and whether they could have something to do with my skin troubles. Dairy isn’t directly related to acne, its ok to eat chocolate! But it has some correlation with inflammation of the skin, so people suffering with eczema and psoriasis often try dairy free diets; so although I know I’m not intolerant, there was no harm in cutting it out to try and improve my skin.

So off I went with my Dalacin T lotion and a bid to free my diet of dairy….in December. It actually wasn’t that difficult and I managed to stick to dairy free options for 23 days (I gave up on christmas eve) So here are my favourite dairy free options available in most supermarkets, and some tips on the not so tasty options.


First up was milk, my mum suffers with psoriasis so she cuts out dairy where possible and has soya milk. I drink tea and have cereal most days so finding a milk that my taste buds liked was a challenge, I didn’t get on with soya milk at all, after trying both sweetened and unsweetened I just couldn’t get used to the nutty taste (that’s not to say you won’t like it though) so finally settled with Alpro rice milk. There are other brands of rice milk and I just pick up anyone; its much lighter and quite refreshing so doesn’t leave you feeling full after cereal; in tea it’s also quite pleasant but leaves the tea on the stronger you might find you need more if you like a milky brew. Rice milk is also fine for cooking and baking but it definitely doesn’t taste like a good glass of milk; its much thinner and a bit tasteless but if its combined with food its ok.

Next up is butter, I could have by-passed this because I don’t really eat butter very much but we already had 3 different types of butter in the fridge, fussy eaters and all that…so I added another. Pure Sunflower butter was the first I tried and it’s just like any other light butter, quite oily and much paler than say clover but it tastes light and not at all salty. It’s also good to cook with, but mashed potato just aint the same without real butter is it!

Finally, a sweet option. When I did my first dairy free shop I spent a long time trying to find sweet options because sometimes us girls need a chocolate fix. I tried dairy free chocolate buttons and various other fake chocolate delights from the supermarket but they all tasted powdery and dry, are there any dairy free chocolate bars that taste good? But then I found Sainsbury’s Free From range and picked up the chocolate brownies. These are bloody lovely, they taste just like normal moist chocolate brownies should and I’ve been through 4 must be love. The free from range is also really great for people with multiple allergies and has a wide range of sweet and savoury options.

There were some dairy free foods that I really didn’t like, lacto free cheese and dairy free custard to name a few but the ones mentioned here were the staples that got me through those 23 days. I was really strict with myself during those few weeks but was majorly caught out by hot chocolate powder! In terms of results, it was difficult to tell because silly me did this alongside using Dalacin T, but I did notice that the redness in my skin reduced which isn’t a quick outcome from the lotion so I think it helped on that front. I definitely felt less lethargic and bloated though so if you’re looking for a quick easy cleanse then cutting out diary for a few weeks might be worth a try.

The 3 things I’ve mentioned here are still part of my diet, just because I like them really but I’m aware buying ‘free from’ foods does tug on the purse strings, but hey ho…it was worth a try and I think when the prescription lotion course has finished I might give it a go again and report back!

Has anyone else tried a dairy free diet to improve their skin?



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