Skincare: Manuka Doctor Facial Toner

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I’m a little bit on the fence when it comes to toners, some people love them but they were never really a part of my skincare routine until I spent nearly my whole lunch break from work in Holland and Barrett! The Manuka Doctor Facial Toner was most definitely an impulse buy, I knew nothing about the brand but had heard of bee venom helping control blemishes. Sucked in by packaging and the fact it wasn’t a ‘beauty’ buy (I love a good medicinal treatment) I took the plunge into toning. A real big plunge…not!

Toning is a bit of weird concept for me, I’m not really sure where it lies, it doesn’t cleanse the skin and it doesn’t moisturise but this toner claims to help eliminate blemishes causes, nurtures cell regeneration and aids renewal of damaged skin cells. So off I went using this on a clean face morning and night. I especially liked using this in the morning because I felt like it tightened by pores and soothed the blemishes I had or that were healing. Like a lot of these types of products, I used the whole bottle, repurchased and then never really got back into the routine of using it…until now.

After using the Dalacin T Lotion, my skin type has been on a bit of a rollercoaster, sometimes its red and sensitive and sometimes my only real troubles are pigmentation and scarring from previous breakouts. So I’m at the stage where I can treat the aftermath of having acne, which is quite nice because it means I can try new products. The great thing about this toner is that helps reduce the appearance of scars and helps repair damaged skin so I’ve been using it in a different way and have been really impressed with the results. I have two dark marks on my cheek and have been concentrating it on that area for the past 3 weeks, I use the toner about 3 times a week and have seen quite an improvement in the pigmentation.

It contains bee venom, manuka honey, royal jelly and hyaluronic acid (love this stuff) which moisturises the skin, tea tree oil which is basically anti-bacterial, rosemary extract, and witch hazel which is great for fragile skin and dilated pores. So it can work in two ways, as a regular toner to keep blemishes at bay but also as a targeted treatment for problematic areas. I really love a product that has multiple purposes, especially if your skin is unpredictable.

Although it’s quite expensive at £17.99 you get 150ml in each bottle there are often offers on at Holland & Barrett. I also want to mention than like many products targeted at acne-prone skin, overuse can leave you feeling unimpressed so using these types of products 3-4 times a week will impress you more and continue to be effective.

Has anyone else tried Manuka Doctor? The apiclear range looks really good so maybe I’ll try the moisturiser next.



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