Beauty: Tarte ‘Fiery’ lip stain

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I thought I’d spice it up a bit this week and post about something red (seeing as its Valentines Day tomorrow). I have to admit I’m a  bit hard to please when its comes to lipsticks, I love the idea of wearing those ‘everyday’ lipsticks or going for the ‘my lips but better’ look but I just can’t work it. For some reason pale lip colours just don’t sit well on my lips, usually they settle in the fine lines or just sit on top of my lips looking weird; they also don’t seem to suit my skin tone. Does anyone else have these problems with pale lip colours? Anyway…I am 100% a red lip person, deep reds, orangey-reds, burgundy, I love all of them; red lip colours appear to be a little more matte so they sit nicely on the lips and last a long time.

Back to the Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain,  just like their other lip tints, this matte version is an extension to the best-selling and award-winning natural cheek stains. The whole matte collection consists of 6 colours and they glide smoothly onto the lips for a long-lasting flush of colour. The product has some interesting ingredients such as carnauba wax to ensure a smooth application, vitamins a&e (anti inflammatory) and peppermint oil which cools the lips. The peppermint smell is really lovely (if you like mint) and a nice change from vanilla scented lipsticks and after reading about these more it’s supposed to freshen your breath which is quite a unique feature for a lip product.

So this little beauty might look chunky in the bullet but it’s actually really easy to apply, it can be wound up and down so it doesn’t need sharpening. If you’re using this for a night out then a lip brush might help tidy up the edges but it doesn’t bleed out if applied straight from the tube. Although it claims to have moisturising properties it does become quite dry and as the name suggests it has a matte finish but the stain lasts all day long; its staying power is also impressive after eating and drinking which is something I look for in a lipstick of this nature.

In terms of the colour, its bloody lovely. ‘Fiery’ is a very pigmented deep cherry colour, not too bright and not too dark so it suits me all year round and is perfect for just a pop of red. If you prefer lip stains to lipsticks and hate the faff of re-applying lipstick (I hate it!) then something like this would be a great no-fuss lip product. It’s quite pricey at $24 and the brand isn’t available in the UK so doing your research before you purchase is the only advice I could give. I didn’t take my own advice because it was a gift from my brothers girlfriend (not a red-lip gyal) so its found its home in my makeup bag and if I fancy a new rich-coloured lip stain then Tarte will be my first stop.

What’s your favourite Tarte blush? I want to try one soon.




  1. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    I love this tarte lip stain! I have it in a hot pink color too.

    – KW

    1. They’re so pigmented aren’t they, would love a pink one for the summer
      Just followed you on pinterest!

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