Skincare: #3 Quinoderm 5 cream

This is the third and last targeted spot treatment that I swear by…I’ve left the best until last. Unlike the others, I’d consider this a ‘proper’ acne treatment, it’s not a beauty skincare product like the others; it’s an over the counter pharmacy type product that is specifically designed for acne, not occasional breakouts.

IMG_2980 IMG_2981 IMG_2983

I’ve used Quinoderm ever since I started getting problem skin, so since age 14 (it was a recommendation from my dad so its been around for YEARS – which shows its effective in tackling acne) There are two strengths of this product, I have the 5% Benzol Peroxide but there is also 10% which would usually be used after you’d tried the lower strength. The product itself only has two ingredients which is a nice change, benzoyl peroxide provides the peeling action and hydroxyquinoline sulphate (again…I don’t know what that is) provides the antibacterial properties to fight the spread of acne. It definitely has a creamy consistency with a very strong medicinal smell but the skin absorbs it quickly and leaves no residue.

Like all treatments of this nature it’s applied thinly to clean skin, now I would use this when my skin was/is particularly bad, i.e painful and very noticeable, only ever using it at night (I love a cream that works its magic whilst I sleep) but the directions for use say it can be applied up to 3 times a day. I wouldn’t hesitate to apply it this much but when you get to an age where you start wearing foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer etc etc that isn’t very practical to apply during the day. Having said that as a teen I was able to do this and my blemishes cleared up quickly. The active ingredients dry out the breakout meaning the life span of the spot is reduced dramatically; this being said it’s advised you use it sparingly because it’s very strong and can bleach your clothes/bedding so overuse might result in flaky red skin which isn’t the most attractive when you also have acne. I’d recommend only using this when your skin is particularly bad, for me that’s probably twice a month and then I will only use it for 2-3 days.

This is by far my go-to acne treatment and its the cheapest, as much as I love skincare brands and packaging this really does work quickly. I’d say its more effective on young/teenage skin, if you have adult-acne there may be better products that have other skincare benefits. Something also worth mentioning is that you have to be aged 16 to buy this…feels like a drug. I joke.

Does anyone else love Quinoderm? Or have a rival for this?



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