Skincare: #2 Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

This is the second topical treatment in my skincare routine but one that’s specifically for night use. So if you don’t like overloading your skin in the morning and applying foundation after treatments (sometimes it feels a bit pointless) then this might be a good one to try whilst you snooze.

IMG_2975 IMG_2978 IMG_2973


The Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel was again something I tried in the mediBac clearing range kit, in fact it was probably my favourite…and so I spent £40 on this little baby. I say baby, it does contain 50ml of product but the actual bottle size is tiny, which means it’s a perfect size for travelling. This treatment is designed to help clear skin congestion (much like the sebum masque) and it contains the usual active fighting acne treatment, salicylic acid which kills off the pore-clogging skin cells. What’s also really nice about this gel is that it contains anti-inflammatory components which is a feature I look for in most acne treatments; niacinamide and biotin (no I didn’t know what these were either) soothe aggravation and prevent those overactive sebaceous glands clogging up your skin even more.

I apply this at night to a cleansed face, using only a thin layer to area’s that need it. The directions for use say all over, which is fine but if you’re going to use this every night then I wouldn’t be so generous, even though it only has 2.0% salicylic acid in it; it will dry out the skin. The texture is what you would expect from a gel, it’s very light and absorbs quickly and the smell is medicinal like most acne treatments. In terms of the results, it isn’t an ‘overnight’ wonder as the name might suggest but it does reduce the redness and the size of the blemish, and for me I think it works best on those angry painful clusters of blemishes rather than my over all skin troubles. After all these treatments are topical so they treat and help prevent future breakouts, they don’t claim to cure acne.

I know Dermalogica Skincare is high-end and quite difficult to get hold of outside of the internet (beauty salons are the best place) but I can’t rate them enough, the products last a very long time – you’d probably only purchase this twice a year. But I would recommend trying out the combination kits first so that you know what works for you. Dermalogica is used in a lot of beauty salons so a consultation would also be advisable but their website also offers face mapping, which is like the best thing ever if you need advise on products for your skin type.

Anyone else love Dermalogica mediBac range? Or know of other overnight treatments?



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