Skincare: #1 Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

This week I’m going to review three topical acne treatments that have maintained in my skincare routine whilst I’ve tried and tested others. All three of them have been in my collection for over 4 years and they are the ones I always go back to, so I hope they help one of you.



First up is the Clinique Clear Blemish Gel from the anti-blemish solution range, a clear gel targeted at blemishes. So this isn’t a slather all over your face jobby, its reserved for localised acne but it’s not too harsh if you have a collection of blemishes it can be applied all over. The gel claims to calm, soothe and reduce visible redness and this is exactly what it does. I only really use this in the morning after I’ve cleansed because I have some other treatment which I’ll talk about this week that are better over-night solutions. When applied the product dries clear and quickly so its great if you’re in a rush; it almost feels like it creates a barrier between the blemish and the outside world. So under makeup its great but it’s also really good on makeup-less days because it calms the redness surrounding the blemish so your skin appears less angry (my boyfriend uses it so it must be good). The text on the back of the bottle says allergy free and 100 % fragrance free which I wouldn’t agree with, it has a strong alcohol smell to it and I can’t seem to find an ingredients list which makes me a bit wary but it works for me so lets overlook that…

Although it says it can be topped up throughout the day (so over makeup) I probably wouldn’t do this because it can be drying so might displace your foundation however its a great targeted treatment for individual blemishes, and although its only 15ml it last a very long time. This is my second bottle, the first one was called ‘anti-acne’ but I think that’s just the US equivalent.

Has anyone else tried this? Or anything else from the anti-blemish range?



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