Skincare: Origins & Dermalogica clay masks

IMG_2775 IMG_2777


I’ve always loved deep clearing masks for when my skin feels congested; clay masks like these get much deeper than normal cleansers so they do all the work for you. First up is the Origins Clear Improvement mask, a more recent purchase of the two but a bloody good mask! I went to John Lewis to get this, so asked all of the usual questions about suitability for sensitive breakout prone skin etc and although it’s quite pricey, I really love it. It’s an active charcoal mask which acts like a magnet to draw out the dirt hiding in your pores and its made with white china clay (whatever that is..) which absorbs the dirt and leaves you feeling throughly cleansed.

I open my pores with a hot muslin and then smear this all over my face or apply it to certain area’s on my face once every two weeks, the consistency is easy to work with and it slightly warms as you start applying it. After leaving it on for 10 minutes or until you feel the crack (love that feeling) I wash it off gently and my skin is left feeling clear and tight, in a good way. One thing worth mentioning is that you will probably breakout a day or two after using this, the sales assistant told me this so it wasn’t a shock but I do find this quite annoying at times but in the long run my skin looks healthier. It’s not a good ‘night before’ mask, it’s more of a mid-week job but an amazing one none the less.

IMG_2782 IMG_2873

Next is the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque, a similar style mask but probably my favourite of the two. As you can see I have the 22ml bottle which came with the mediBac clearing kit a year ago and I’m only just coming to the end of it. This mask works in the same way and I apply it just the same but I feel its effect is slightly different; the clay absorbs excess oil to help clear and prevent breakouts whereas the Origins mask doesn’t prevent breakouts, it just treats the ones that are already there. The Dermalogica mask contains salicylic acid which stimulates natural exfoliation to help clear pore congestion so I feel like this mask does a lot more for acne-prone skin in the long run. It feels cooling but also soothing so any redness and irritation is calmed. I also love that this mask exfoliates so if you have an uneven skin tone it’s really great for refining your pores and I don’t feel like my skin flares up after using this so I use it more as a quick fix on localised breakouts.

Clay masks are great at deep clearing so if you suffer from cystic acne I’d guess these would prevent under the skin type blemishes from occurring quite so much and they work wonders on jaw line acne which I suffered with a few months ago.

Are there any other clay masks worth trying out?



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