Skincare: Top 3 moisturisers for blemish prone skin


IMG_2815 IMG_2768

First up is the La Roche Posay Rosaliac, a ‘skin perfecting anti-redness moisturiser’. After seeing good results from the Dalactin T Lotion I thought I’d try to tackle the redness in my skin, I still have small blemishes but they look worse because my skin is red in places. I didn’t read any reviews about this which is really unusual but because I’d enjoyed using La Roche Posay products I was hopeful. As you can see it’s tinted green to neutralize the redness; its packed with vitamins to defuse the redness and reduce blood vessel reactivity and I think it works! There are other anti-redness moisturisers in the Rosaliac range but I wanted one without SPF (I know, what a sin) because most of my foundations have SPF in them and for the ones that don’t, I can use this and not look like a ghost in photographs. The texture is a little strange, its feels ‘covering’ so if not rubbed in correctly it leaves a white paste like film on the skin, having said that I prefer to use this on days where I don’t wear makeup because its ads luminosity (or maybe that’s already there, it’s just hiding behind the redness). It also works nicely under makeup, feels light and is great for sensitive or acne prone skin.

IMG_2816 IMG_2769

Next is the Nelsons Pure & Clear Anti-blemish moisturiser, this is by far my favourite go-to moisturiser. Again I didn’t know very much about the brand but was drawn to the medicinal qualities and the smell! It’s made with natural plan extracts like tea tree and arnica (I didn’t know what that was either) and is free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils. I especially like this product because its targeted at blemish prone skin so it helps control shine by balancing oil production; I really look forward to applying this as weird as that might sound. The smell is natural yet medicinal and there is a slight tingle when first applied to the skin which makes me think its doing something good; the great thing about this moisturiser is that feels like it’s treating my blocked pores and blemishes but also moisturises. Nelsons Pure & Clear has a range of products that are all affordable at around £8 and the 125ml bottle in the photo has lasted me over 5 months!

IMG_2817 IMG_2773
Lastly is the Clarins Daily Energizer, this is nothing like the previous ones in the sense that it’s not targeted at sensitive or blemish-prone skin so I only really use this in the summer or when I’m having a really good skin day. The consistency is more like a gel than a cream and it does state that the moisturiser is for combination to oily skin so it doesn’t feel heavy at all. The smell might not be for everyone, its smells quite peachy but its refreshing! It has a matte finish which is really good in the summer or for combatting oily-ness, I think it acts as really good makeup base and my foundation always sits nicely after using it. Lastly this range is recommended for women in their 20’s so although it’s the most expensive here at (£20) you know what you’re getting; I feel like Clarins caters really well for lots of different skin-types and ages.
Hope this helps anyone looking to try a new moisturiser, if you’ve got any recommendations or questions just leave a comment!

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