Style: Nike Free Run +3


These are my new ‘gym’ trainers…

I’ve been wanting (not needing) a new pair of trainers for the gym; I was wearing a pair of white Nike high impact type trainers which are perfect for running, stepping and aerobics but they weren’t the most stylish. Wearing black calf grazing gym trousers and white trainers just wasn’t doing it for me, I’m 5”1 and catching myself in the mirror was not a pretty site. So because I think even the gym is a fashion show I started looking for a new pair of black trainers, and that’s when I found the Nike Free Run +3. Shamefully my mother wears an older version of these to the gym but hers are white and purple (trying to make myself feel better here). I researched the trainers quite a lot before committing, one because they are quite expensive (for the gym) and two because they are lightweight low ankle type trainers for running not high impact stepping; but after googling them non-stop I went for it.

I couldn’t find a colour combination I liked, although there are loads of brightly coloured ones online, so I just tried them on in a sport shop to check the sizes and went onto the Nike website to design my own. If you are going to pay £90 on a pair why not go all out and customize them. I went for the typical monochrome because I wanted to wear these outside of the gym too, and went crazy with purple laces…crazy. I went for a 3.5 UK (kids size shoe) because they were slightly cheaper and the shoes are quite wide at the front so if you have skinny and small feet definitely go for kids. For the upper style I chose 5.0 because it offers a more supportive and dynamic fit system and reflective mesh so that I’m more visible in low light (I never run outside so I don’t know why I did this). The delivery was amazing, free postage and they arrived within 2 weeks, the only gripe I have with them is that the glue behind the mesh is still visible if you look really close but that might be because I went for black on black (story of my life). I’ve worn them 5 times now to the gym and they are so lightweight; I go to a step class where you step for around 50 minutes and by the end my feet usually feel really heavy and I trip a few times, but I felt like my feet were so light in these trainers and actually made me feel like I could go on for another 20 minutes. One more thing- if you want them to last longer put some silicone gel heel pads in them.

Anyone else love these?



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