Skincare: Essentials

Now I hope this isn’t a mammoth post for you, especially as its my first post..maybe I should ease myself in gently. I’ll give you a little back story to my skin first: since I was around 14 I’ve had blemish prone skin and tackled it with the usual teenage go to’s but from around age 19-present my skin got progressively worse, the doctors referred to it as ‘mild acne’ which I’m sure it was but I definitely thought it was much worse.

I have very oily skin (thanks to my Italian father who has lovely skin, whats that about?) the blemishes on my face and neck were often painful and would scar quite badly and I usually always had a spot of some sort. I also can’t leave things alone so most definitely made my skin worse! I have tried lots of topical treatments, from the relatively cheap to expensive well known brands and it wasn’t until I started using Dermalogica mediBac treatment kit that I started to see good results. Thanks to the salicylic acid in the set my skin started to look clearer and the blemishes didn’t spread as much as they used to; I used this for 9months, repurchased 2 full size products at £40 each (say whaaaaaaat?) and then finally realised it was too expensive and maybe my skin was too used to having salicylic acid on it morning and night. The kit was really effective and I’d recommend it after a consultation but it didn’t work all that well towards the end and I made the mistake of thinking I needed to use the products day in day out, the harsh ingredients stripped my skin and made my face flushed, tight and not even spot-free.

Realising my skin wasn’t as tough as old boots and was ‘sensitive’ but blemish prone I went for a gamble and bought into Lisa Eldridge’s talk of the La Roche Posay brand, sold in boots and priced relatively well, they have a great gentle range of skincare for lots of skin types: Here are my ‘essentials’…for now.


Firstly I bought the Physiological Micellar Solution which is a gentle cleanser, with high makeup removing power, just apply this to a cotton wool pad and and wipe away. Its not the best at removing eye makeup but it really does dissolve all of your makeup in one sweep; the only downside is that you need quite a lot of it and at £11 it isn’t the cheapest. It didn’t irritate my skin at all because it’s so light and free of alcohol and parabens which makes it suited to sensitive skin.

I then bought the Physiological Cleansing Gel, which has the same properties as the previous product but because it’s a gel formula a little goes a long way, I apply this to a wet face and rub gently until my makeup is loose and then use a warm wet muslin to wipe away. I usually double cleanse just to make sure my skin is clean, and its always left feeling moisturized but not greasy. It works relatively the same as the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I also really like, but this formula doesn’t have as strong as scent as that. I’ve had the bottle in the photo for about 7 weeks and it’s still over half full. At the moment it hasn’t broken me out and I like that it feels as though its soothing my skin; because its not a targeted treatment it works on combination to sensitive skin but it might not work well on really dry skin because its gel based.

I hope this helps anyone looking for an easy way to remove makeup; can say goodbye to the face wipes..thanks to blogs I gave up on those vile things! Sorry this has been such a long post, if you have any questions about products for acne prone skin or anything else then please leave a comment, I could talk about this for hours.

Thanks for reading, Abbie




  1. I’ve been waiting to see this! I like what you said about the salicylic acid. I noticed the Clinque anti-blemish concealer I bought had it in and although it did clear up my spots I was put off it because its the same active ingredient as is in verruca gel and I know from using that that it’s vicious! I will keep reading your updates though 🙂

    1. Aw thank you Becca! It’s in loads of products and it does work but I think it’s a bit too harsh to use all the time. All this blog design is making me crazy, I found it so difficult to find a wordpress template that I liked, I just wanted individual post rather than a long feed but this looks so bare! x

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