Monthly Archives: January 2013

Skincare: Origins & Dermalogica clay masks

I’ve always loved deep clearing masks for when my skin feels congested; clay masks like these get much deeper than normal cleansers so they do all the work for you. First up is the Origins Clear Improvement mask, a more recent purchase of the two but a bloody good mask! I went to John Lewis […]

Skincare: Top 3 moisturisers for blemish prone skin

First up is the La Roche Posay Rosaliac, a ‘skin perfecting anti-redness moisturiser’. After seeing good results from the Dalactin T Lotion I thought I’d try to tackle the redness in my skin, I still have small blemishes but they look worse because my skin is red in places. I didn’t read any reviews about […]

Skincare: Dalacin T Lotion

I was prescribed this lotion on the 4th of December 2012 after visiting the doctor complaining of acne, like I said before I have ‘mild acne’ but was getting fed up of trying lots of treatments and not getting results. Once we’d talked about what I’d tried before (treatments made with Benzol Peroxide and Salicylic […]

Style: Nike Free Run +3

These are my new ‘gym’ trainers… I’ve been wanting (not needing) a new pair of trainers for the gym; I was wearing a pair of white Nike high impact type trainers which are perfect for running, stepping and aerobics but they weren’t the most stylish. Wearing black calf grazing gym trousers and white trainers just […]

Skincare: Essentials

Now I hope this isn’t a mammoth post for you, especially as its my first post..maybe I should ease myself in gently. I’ll give you a little back story to my skin first: since I was around 14 I’ve had blemish prone skin and tackled it with the usual teenage go to’s but from around […]

New Blog!

Ok, so I firstly decided to start a new blog to help me reflect on my skincare and use it as a diary to document the changes in my skin after being prescribed treatment, but I read blogs and watch youtube video’s everyday (and all day if I could) and spend hours looking for reviews […]